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Wooden balancing blocks are a natural toy that helps to enhance your child's creativity while increasing their concentration skills. They are ideal for building towers, and landscapes and for piling up as the child has to consider the best way to place each block, resulting in a ton of problem-solving and wrist rotation. These wooden rocks are fantastic for promoting creativity, resilience, and persistence (as the towers continually fall over and the child rebuilds) and for developing concentration and coordination. The natural warm texture of wood stimulates child's senses as it invites them to touch, feel and explore.

“One tree planted for every set of balancing blocks sold”

Lili & Radek
Owners & Creators

Benefits of Balancing Blocks

- Enhances concentration

- Develops problem-solving ability

- Encourages the mind and body to slow down

- Develops logical thinking ability

- Stimulates sensory development

- Tested for size, durability, toxicity & flammability in line with EU toy safety EN71 standards and carry the CE mark.

Hand-made in Ireland

Wild Child balancing blocks are made from hardwood as a byproduct of our woodworking studio Primitive Boards in the Dublin Mountains. There we create unique wooden design, from charcuterie boards to dining tables. These handmade blocks are essentially made from off-cuts that would otherwise end up as firewood. We prefer turning this scrap wood into something that will put a smile on your child's face.

Wild Child blocks are manufactured and is operated by Primitive Boards, Greyfort, Cruagh Road, Dublin 16, Ireland